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Mariam und Lioba gewinnen den "STARTERiN HAMBURG"-Preis 2023 in der Kategorie "Impact"

For companies

Händedruck zwischen der Hand einer schwarzen Person und der Hand einer weißen Person

Let’s take actions together!

Because achieving great things requires strong support.

Our goal is to open more doors for Black women* in business and society so they can reach their full potential. Corporate and partnership collaborations serve as the right bridges for this endeavor. By connecting accomplished Black women* with diverse expertise and skills to companies and institutions, we create a win-win situation.

We welcome partnerships with companies of all industries and sizes that prioritize diversity and sustainability in their corporate culture.

In our collaborations, we emphasize mutual respect and equal footing, ensuring genuine interest from both parties. Regardless of where a company stands on these issues, if there's a sincere desire to address them proactively, we're here to collaborate.

Look, we are even a little bit famous:

Mariam and Lioba receive the startup city Hamburg award for Black Female Business
Mariam and Lioba appear as Black Female Business in the podcast "Signals from the Future"
A newspaper article about the founders' award that Mariam and Lioba received as founders of Black Female Business
Mariam and Lioba are featured as black founders of Black Female Business in the Hamburger Morgenpost
Schwarze Frauen sitzen bei einer Eventreihe im Publikum und hören einer Keynote zu

Our offer

We are happy to prepare our expertise in a format that suits your company or event. Our thematic focus is on the following areas: Founding | Diversity | Equity & Inclusion | Empowerment | Selfcare | HR & Recruiting | New Work & Corporate Culture


In our lectures, we share our knowledge and experiences as female founders and community builders to empower and inspire others.

Each keynote is custom-tailored to the audience, combining personal insights with current hard facts.


e moderate panels and other event formats with confidence and humor, ensuring engaging discussions where all participants are heard. Our goal is to facilitate stimulating conversations that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Workshops & DE&I Consulting

With our expertise, we assist companies in cultivating an appealing working environment and fostering a culture sensitive to diversity, as well as in implementing internal change initiatives. Our efforts are bolstered by experts from our network, ensuring the implementation of effective strategies within the company.


In our 1:1 sessions, we provide individual support to people navigating significant challenges.


Using agile and systemic tools and methods, we facilitate exploration of (new) pathways and approaches, ensuring problems are addressed comprehensively and viewed from diverse perspectives.


Sponsored Membership

The sponsored membership offers women the opportunity to join our community for one year without the financial obligation of a regular membership fee.

Your generous support empowers us to promote inclusion and accessibility. By financially supporting us, you help ensure that empowerment, resources, and community are accessible to all, regardless of financial barriers.

Discover the memberships we offer here.

If you're interested, please feel free to email us at or fill out the Sponsored Membership form below.

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Let's work together!

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