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Our coaching is one hundred percent designed to pick you up in your personality, your life and your professional career and to start building exactly where you are right now - we see you!

We offer coaching 1:1 or in groups. We are flexible, whether we meet online or in our Hamburg office. Just talk to us and together we will find the right path for your topics and goals

Unlock your full potential!

New in our coaching offer: three-month program for women* in employment
Mariam, Gründerin von Black Female Business


Mariam is a self-care expert and entrepreneur and supports you in the areas of self-care, content creation, marketing and founding, among others.

Lioba Jarju (Marvin Meitzel).jpg


Lioba is a trained systemic coach and diversity consultant and focuses on topics such as vision and strategy development, empowerment in the work context and career/study orientation. She encourages you to strengthen your individuality by reflecting, setting boundaries, making decisions or recognizing your talents.

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