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Vielen Dank für die Einreichung!

Are you self-employed (part-time) with a project or goal you're eager to advance? We're here to provide the final motivational boost to propel you into action. Through a blend of independent collaboration in tandem and moderated group sessions, we'll help you achieve the implementation necessary to drive both you and your business forward.

Did you know that the probability of successfully achieving your goal increases by 65% when you commit to another person? If you then add a time frame, the probability increases to 95%!

Period: May to August 2023

Dates for the group sessions:

  • Kick-off: 26.05. 12:30- 14:00h 90min

  • Hot Seat Sessions: 30.6. 12:30- 14:00h 90min

  • Conclusion: 18.8. 12:30 -14:00h, 90min

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