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Unlock your full potential

Are you a Black woman* in the workforce, eager to realize your full professional potential? Our new group course program is designed to provide the momentum your career needs or inspire you to explore new paths.

The program spans three months and requires approximately 25 to 30 hours of commitment. Live coaching sessions are conducted digitally, with each session lasting about 90 minutes.

Each month, you'll benefit from expert input. Additionally, you'll engage in peer-to-peer sessions to reflect on the content. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to exchange ideas with a permanent tandem partner selected by us.

Self-confidence & professional identity

In the first month, we will assess your current situation and build upon it. By understanding where you are right now, we can work together to boost your self-confidence and establish or strengthen your professional identity.


Career planning & development

In the second month, we focus on establishing your career goals. This includes developing a professional network, mastering self-marketing and personal branding. Additionally, we commence the CV Makeover Masterclass, leveraging exclusive insider knowledge to guide you through the dos and don'ts of CV creation.


Leadership & Resilience

In the third and final month, we focus on enhancing your leadership skills and guiding you in developing strategies for stress management and resilience. The program culminates with personalized mentoring and coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs.



In addition to the scheduled course program, you have the option to book intensive individual coaching sessions (60 to 90 minutes) or insightful personality tests.


Do you have questions about the program or would you like to be on the waiting list?

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